Winky Wild

4.3 ( 9943 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Головоломки
Разработчик M5 Systems LLC
0.99 USD

Winky Wild is a fun-filled, fast paced and challenging interactive trade off game that allows a single player to swap smiley pieces in order to make a three in a row set. While getting three in a row causes the player to remove the set and earn points, getting more than three also removes the group and earns the player more points. Winky Wild encourages matching and strategy thought processes as the player is having fun building sets. In order to advance through the levels, the player must earn points while moving pieces left or right and up or down. Each level progressively gets more challenging. To advance through the levels, players must earn an incrementally escalating amount of points.

Features of Winky Wild include:

- Seven different pieces

- The ability to play against the clock or until no moves remain

- A convenient hint button that allows the player to visualize moves for when no moves are apparent (points are deducted as a penalty once this feature is used)

- A pause feature

- A volume on and off switch

- Limitless levels